Ina Warren


Pollinator Giving Trees – a fun hands-on project to learn about pollinators

This week marks the beginning of our second annual “Pollinator Giving Tree” community project. The dates are flexible but can be mid-October to late winter.

The theme for this year’s trees is sunflowers! While there were thousands of people who added nectar flowers and milkweeds to their yards in 2015, we (and the pollinators that depend on them) actually need many millions of gardens planted.


Report on the Moral Action on Climate Rally

Make Way for Monarchs’ endorsement of the Moral Action on Climate Rally in September began with an idea to promote monarch conservation and to share locally native milkweed seed with the larger community to & raise the level of awareness on habitat of pollinators.

We initially hoped parents attending the Moral Action on Climate Rally on 9/24 on the National Mall would allow their young kids to dress up as little “pollinators” – honeybees, butterflies, dragonflies and bats…


Make Way for Monarchs to participate in National Moral Action on Climate Rally on September 24

Thursday, Sept 24, 2015 will be a not-soon-to-be forgotten date on the National Mall in Washington, DC. Hundreds of thousands are expected to gather to acknowledge Pope Francis’s momentous visit to the US as he delivers a first-ever papal address to the Joint Session of Congress.

But what makes this event even more memorable is the connection to the Pope’s Encyclical letter, Laudato Si, that he issued in June.