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We have installed a really nice coloring book full of butterflies!

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We have created a coloring center, full of butterflies, that you can color online and save them; or download the pictures and color at home!

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The Kids Gallery

Make Way for Monarchs also care what you think about Monarch Butterflies. So we have put it into pictures.

How do monarch butterflies travel so far?

Monarch butterflies are unique — they’re the only butterfly to travel thousands of miles when the seasons change. They travel from as far north as Canada all the way down to a few very specific mountaintops in central Mexico.

The Wonders of Butterflies and Ants

Camila Ruz meets Blanca Huertas, of London’s Natural History Museum, to learn about the museum’s Sensational Butterflies exhibition, and documentary Planet Ant reveals the genius of the leaf-cutter ant.

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